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 Company Profile

ASI comprises of fully Licensed Staff in all aspects covered by the Security & Investigations Act 1995.

 This means we can:  Serve Process
                                Execute Warrants
                                Repossess Goods
                                Conduct Field Calls for any purpose
                                Make Enquiries & Investigate

 ASI has two directors Andy Smith and Linton Smith.
 Brief History

 Current Profile

ASI employs a number of staff and most Field agents have been with the company for a number of
 years and are experienced Field Agents.

 Licensed Casual staff are available as and when required but we prefer not to utilise their services
 unless absolutely necessary.

 All ASI Staff are trained in the specific areas in which they are primarily involved but are multi-skilled
 in all other areas in which ASI deals with.

 Training is ongoing and refresher sessions are conducted at regular intervals as well as updating new
 legislation etc.

 Our company works on a "Best Agent" principle in that all our agents are "Our Best Agent" meaning
 all our agents are as efficient as each other.

 All agents are equipped with suitable equipment for the tasks for which they are employed.

 ASI Agents are required to conform with a smart dress code and are encouraged to wear shirts and
 jackets bearing our Company Logo portraying an image of Professionalism. ( We have found that
 since adopting the "uniform" our agents have been subject to less verbal abuse from persons they are
 dealing with. )

 ASI's in house computer system has been programmed specifically for our use and for added security
 there is no access available to any outside person. It is not linked to any outside system and thus is
 not subject to any virus attacks or hacking of any kind. The information stored on it is only available to
 ASI Staff. Backups of the system are kept off site. This system runs alongside normal e-mail system
 and any client systems that we are authorised to access.

 All ASI Staff are aware of and have copies of the ASI Equal Employment Opportunities Discrimination
and Harassment Policy as well as ASI's Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Guidelines.

 ASI in an up to date Compliant organisation equipped and ready to assist in any area required in "the
 field" anywhere in South Australia.

 Feel free to find out more and contact Andy or Louise on (08) 8244 1922

  C o n t a c t  D e t a i l s
 Legal & Commercial Services
 Office Location:
 56 David Terrace, KILKENNY,
 ADELAIDE, South Australia 5009


 Tel Number:08 8244 1922
 Fax Number:08 8244 8826





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