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At ASI, we know that when it comes to efficient, professional and reliable field services, one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we offer a range of market-leading services for whatever challenges you face, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We work with organisations across a range of sectors including legal firms, collection agencies, government departments, insurance companies and SMEs to provide consistent, quality, cost-effective results.

Field Services

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Field Calls

ASI operates a national network of field service agents, highly skilled in interviewing and negotiating with businesses and individuals to resolve debt-related disputes and court matters. Engaging ASI field agents sends an important message - that the matter is serious and will not simply go away.

Our field call services can deliver multiple benefits to your business, including:

  • Re-establishing contact with a customer who has not responded to previous contact attempts via letter and/or telephone,

  • Validating contact details,

  • Negotiating payment in full or via instalments,

  • Making demands for payment

  • Advising of the collection process and the consequences of non-payment,

  • Assessing potential hardship and advising of the appropriate course of action,

  • Assessing financial capacity and willingness to pay,

  • Serving legal and/or process documentation, and

  • Identifying and documenting available assets.


All field call attempts and the outcomes of each visit will be updated and accessible to view in real-time via our online client portal.

Our agents are trained in the ASIC and ACCC Guide to debt collection, are licensed, fully insured and comply to the Privacy Act / Privacy Principles and the National Credit Code. 

Process Serving

We serve all forms of legal documents including all court documents, statutory demands, divorce and family proceedings, claim forms, bankruptcy petitions and court orders.


Our process servers are fully licensed and accredited, with the knowledge and expertise to get your court documents served as quickly as possible with the appropriate proof of service returned to you after service has taken place. 

We will appoint a local process server to serve your specific documents in accordance with any special instructions. We document each step of the serve, to ensure that each and every case is handled in a legal and efficient manner. You will also be kept abreast of any case developments, through realtime updates via our client portal.

Field Call Interviews

Our field agents are skilled in face-to-face interviews, ensuring that you receive a detailed assessment of your debtor’s current financial situation before deciding the most appropriate course of action.


All interviews are conducted in accordance with strict legal compliance 

guidelines and the results are available to view via our online client portal within hours of the meeting. Subject to your specific requirements, our agents can use the examination process to negotiate satisfactory repayment plans on the spot to expedite settlement.

Process Serving
Field Call Interviews
Field Calls
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