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At ASI, we know that when it comes to efficient, professional and reliable investigative services, one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we offer a range of market-leading services for whatever challenges you face, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We work with organisations across a range of sectors including legal firms, collection agencies, government departments, insurance companies and SMEs to provide consistent, quality, cost-effective results.

Investigation Services

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Surveillance can be a cost effective way of obtaining information relating to the activities of an individual or a company.

We offer discreet, professional fully compliant surveillance services using some of the most advanced surveillance equipment and resources. Our investigators possess significant expertise in the area of discrete video surveillance and conduct all activities to the highest of ethical standards.

Our agents can conduct covert surveillance on the person or business of interest and subsequently provide excellent quality video, photos and reports detailing the activities of the subject concerned. 


We specialise in debt collection and asset recovery with surveillance services designed to complement the relevant stage in the claims process and ensure that the claims spend is commensurate with the size and complexity of the case. 

Skip Tracing

In partnership with some of the most comprehensive data management providers in Australia, we have access to a variety of consumer and commercial databases that are continually and systematically updated to provide us with the most reliable and complete search tools on the market.

We have a specialised skip tracing department that can provide a range of options, from data washing and desk-based research, through to full investigative services. Our tracing procedures are undertaken in full compliance with the ACCC-ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines and Privacy Act Regulations and our staff receive ongoing training in the latest communication and technical systems. 

Debt Collection Enquiries

We work closely with our clients to assist in the collections process, and through our national network of field service agents, we can deploy locally based, trained and licensed operatives to undertake personal debt enquiries, often at short notice.


Face-to-face enquiries can deliver multiple benefits - not only can they result in the direct collection of the debt or negotiation of payment, they can also create an opportunity to ascertain a customer’s capacity to pay, a perception of their attitude toward the debt, and an insight into any available assets. They can also provide critical information to assist in the legal process. 

Skip Tracing
Debt Collection Enquiries
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